Rhodesia Ransom has brought millions to support local youth and families.

Fight the Smear

From the White House to the Tracy Mayor's desk, we are all tired of nasty smear campaigns. Help Rhodesia fight the misinformation campaign started by her opponent. 

Here's the truth: Rhodesia Ransom has been a champion for our community. 

As a nonprofit director, Rhodesia Ransom has brought millions of dollars--including a recent $616,000 contract--to this community. This funding is for programs that provide mental health services, mentoring, and gang prevention for youth. Every dollar raised goes to ensure direct services. Because of that commitment, kids in our local schools have been able to work with mental health clinicians--even during this pandemic. 

Rhodesia has been a leader in government transparency advocating for openness and clarity in all her work. Posted here are the tax filings and contracts for Rhodesia’s employer, Sow A Seed Foundation: 

Please click these links below to review the facts. 

The Dirty Truth: Robert Rickman and his campaign are behind the lies.

The smear against Rhodesia’s work was started by Robert Rickman and his campaign team, and his friend and associates from 209 Times.

Robert Rickman's campaign manager, Tim Rosales (who also represents Ted Howze), initiated the spread of false information and coordinated with Motec Sanchez and 209 Times to make false accusations at the Board of Supervisors. All lies were disproven.  Click the photos for a closer look. 

Rickman_Consultant.PNG Image_Roasales_Tweet_with_Rickman_and_Howze.JPG Minutes.JPG


Robert Rickman uses his associate Motec Sanchez and 209 Times to spread lies 

Motec_and_Rickman.png Rickman_209_Times.JPG 209_plants_fake_stories.jpgRickman_209_Tweet.jpg