More than anyone else on the City Council, Rhodesia Ransom has been a leading voice for reducing homelessness in Tracy. In 2018, she proposed investing $1 million of federal and state grants into local nonprofits and community programs. Although this comprehensive plan would have addressed Tracy’s homeless crisis without costing local taxpayers a single extra cent, the mayor stalled, ordering police officers — rather than social workers and faith leaders — to fix the growing issue themselves. Still, Rhodesia persisted, working tirelessly until Tracy had enough outside funding and strong leadership to finally address mental illness and housing insecurity.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will continue to fight for compassionate and effective solutions to San Joaquin County’s homeless issues!

Government Accountability

Rhodesia has a long record of defending taxpayers and promoting government transparency. Serving as a Civil Grand Jurist from 2006 to 2008, she exposed millions in wasteful countywide spending. As a City Councilwoman, Rhodesia witnessed Tracy’s mayor committing abuses of power that cost local taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2018, Rhodesia made sure that the County Grand Jury and the District Attorney put an end to this terrible leadership. In 2019, she led the successful push for Tracy’s government to finally adopt a much-needed code of ethical conduct.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will ensure that San Joaquin’s government operates as smoothly, openly, and fairly as possible!

Youth Issues

As the co-founder and executive director of a distinguished nonprofit, Rhodesia has worked day-and-night to ensure that all of Tracy’s youths — regardless of background or identity — have access to mental health, life mentorship, gang prevention, and substance abuse programs in their schools and communities. When some members of the Tracy City Council questioned the need for such critical programs, Rhodesia actually went out and found innovative ways to expand resources for our youths.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will keep working as hard as possible so all of San Joaquin’s young people have the bright future they deserve!

Public Safety

Public safety has always been a top priority for Rhodesia, but she also understands very well that we cannot police our way out of every problem. Even before she entered politics, Rhodesia partnered multiple times with public safety agencies, local nonprofits, and faith groups to help youths avoid gang activity and overcome hardship. As a City Councilwoman, she worked hard to ensure that police officers, firefighters, and sheriff’s deputies have enough resources and staffing to keep our communities safe, while also helping social workers and community leaders address the root causes of crime and homelessness.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will continue building strong coalitions to give us the safety and solutions we need. That’s why she enjoys the support of almost every law enforcement union and social activism group in our region!

Transportation and Traffic

So many talented and hardworking people live in this county, but so many of them drive for hours each day just to work somewhere else. Rhodesia knows that we all deserve to spend more time at home in the Valley with our families, friends, and neighbors. Even before entering elected office, she has staunchly advocated for more modern and efficient transportation plans, such as ACE Rail and Valley Link, because these programs will help transport thousands of people to higher-paying jobs and leave more room for goods to move in and out of our region.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will continue to push San Joaquin to have newer, safer, and cleaner infrastructure systems!

Economic Development and Jobs

At the same time, Rhodesia also understands that traffic reduction and job creation must go hand-in-hand: we should not lose so much talent to the Bay Area! Because of that, she has always fought for stronger educational programs, greater digital access, more modern roads, and other amenities key to attracting new businesses and good jobs.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will make sure that our county uses its prime location to its fullest potential!


So many of our seniors, our young families, and our local workers cannot afford to live here — all because our previous politicians have lacked the foresight to create a truly proactive housing plan, as well as the skill to effectively collaborate with state agencies and private developers. In 2017, after bringing community members and government experts together to analyze San Joaquin’s housing market, Rhodesia came to a simple realization: what we need, more than anything else, is cooperative and competent leadership. Having worked as a realtor, a Planning Commissioner, and a City Councilwoman, she not only knows how to craft smart housing policy, but also how to reach out and get all stakeholders involved.

As County Supervisor, Rhodesia will apply her extensive experience to so more people can call the Valley home!