Linda Jimenez: Ransom's exceptional record

In 2016, Linda Jimenez — a longtime advocate for Tracy's families and youths — explained why she supported Rhodesia Ransom for Tracy City Council. The strengths Linda identified still define everything Rhodesia does today.

"Since 2004, Rhodesia Ransom has dedicated herself to addressing community issues and resolving problems. When there was an increase of gang violence and drive-by shootings in Tracy, Mrs. Ransom contacted the U.S. Department of Justice, bringing this agency to assist and train law enforcement in youth gang prevention. When it became evident children are being bullied at school, Mrs. Ransom co-spearheaded an Anti-Bully Task Force addressing this issue with the adoption of an anti-bully program taught at every school."

"Rhodesia’s nonprofit Sow a Seed Community Foundation was established to enrich educational, mentoring and mental health opportunities for our children. Leadership workshops have made positive impacts on our youth. Funds raised by the Board of Directors are used solely for educational purposes only. Since 2009, Mrs. Ransom has served as a planning commissioner and chair of the commission. Her 2-year appointment to the Grand Jury in which she served for a year as Chair Forewoman is notable. Mrs. Ransom held governmental agencies accountable for their actions, demanding fiscal responsibility."

Read the entirety of Linda Jimenez's endorsement letter by clicking here!