Tracy Press: A new start to resolve homelessness

Ever since she was elected to Tracy's City Council, Rhodesia worked alongside faith leaders, social workers, police leaders, and countless other community members to devise and propose common-sense solutions to our region's growing homelessness crisis. In May, she overcame the naysayers and successfully passed Tracy's first-ever Homeless Strategic Plan, an agenda to use state, county, and private resources to combat extreme poverty, mental illness, and property crime in South San Joaquin.

On a majority vote, the council approved a Homeless Strategic Plan and agreed that, even after year of planning and discussions, it’s still a preliminary step toward creating the shelter that will give people a place to go other than the streets and city parks, and get them into programs that can help them rebuild their lives. The vote was 4-0-1, with Mayor Robert Rickman abstaining.

Ransom added that the local groups that already work with the homeless are fully aware of the issues Rickman raised.

“We’ve never had the opportunity, as a city, to officially partner with those service providers, who have actually come to our council as a formal delegation and said, ‘Can you partner with us?’” she said.

“This strategic plan addresses all of those holistic issues that you have brought up,” she continued, addressing Rickman. “I would invite you to make some suggestions if there are specific areas that you would like to see addressed that you don’t feel the service providers, or you don’t feel the partnerships or navigation center, will actually address.”

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